Launching the Rust server. At the time of launch, the server has implemented the basic functionality and can already input and output some NFT tokens.

This stage is very important for the project, adding our collection to the white list will be the starting point for further development of the project.
We will be introducing a red city ownership system, allowing NFT owners of these RTs to get NFT new ones for owning NFT RTs.
We plan to add the ability to input and output all game items in a short period of time, as well as a number of special game items that we plan to add to the game.

Opening of new game servers.

We plan to open several unique game servers with different mods and plugins, most of which you will not find in other gaming projects.
Most of the money raised from the sales, we plan to spend on ordering advertising from the top youtuber and Twitch streamers on Rust.
Adding new game mechanics, increasing the number of servers.