Official Technical Document, Rusty NFT last updated January 2022.


This document will be updated regularly. Any information listed here is subject to change, values may be updated, but in general the basic structure remains the same, and any significant changes will be announced

Rusty NFT is a meta-universe based on the RUST "play to earn" game developed on the WAX blockchain. Thanks to the tokenized economy, players themselves control the market and build trade relations.

To start playing on our project you have to log on the site https://rusty-nft.space with a WAX purse. Create a wallet can be on the link: https://all-access.wax.io/ convenient for you way.

What would play on the server you need to tie Steam account with the game purchased on it Rust.


You need to enter your Steam id64 in a special field on the website and click add steam.

There are several ways to find out your Steam id64:

1)Open Steam and click on your Steam name in the upper right corner of the window.

Select "About Account."

At the top of the window you will see your name in big letters, and underneath it you will see your Steam ID.

This number is exactly the Steam ID we need.

2) Use the website: https://www.steamidfinder.com/

After linking Steam id64 to your WAX account you get access to several game mechanics, some of which already work and don't require any investments. server address

1) Extraction of Unique Resources (Basic Mechanics)

Owners of special NFTs will be able to mine the following unique resources:

Crypto wood, Crypto stone, Crypto perch, Crypto coins.

Resources are needed to create new NFTs used in this game mechanic.

Players will be able to improve their NFTs by combining multiple NFTs into one.

Crypto perch (Food) is necessary so that you can mine resources. It is extracted with a special fishing rod that only NFT holders can own.

Crypto stone is used for the construction of new buildings. Produces with a special pickaxe which only NFT holders can own.

Crypto Coins are needed for you to mine resources. Picked up during hunting, only available to NFT staff members.

Crypto Coins are used to create some buildings.

Crypto wood is used when creating new NFTs.

Wood is extracted with a special axe, only NFT holders can wield it.

A table for calculating income/costs will be added later

Extraction of unique resources will be available on the game server, as well as this mechanics will be duplicated on the site.

1.1) Ownership of territory (Side mechanics)

You can buy a piece of gaming space on the server and receive dividends each time the user extracts unique resources on your territory.

2) Converting in-game items to NFT (Side mechanics)

Each server in Rust has its own donation store, which is controlled by the administration. Our server is an exception and donate store belongs to our users. Each player on our server can convert NFT game items for sale to other users, who may convert NFT game items for further use on our server. The list of available items for conversion into NFT and back you can see after entering the command /menu in the chat on the game server. This mechanics requires no investment and is available now.

3) Mining (Side mechanics)

One of the game mechanics of our project is mining WAX cryptocurrency. In order to start mining cryptocurrency you will need to assemble a mining farm using the following parts: Power supply 1pc - can be mined on the game server in the future Motherboard 1pc - can be mined on the game server in the future CPU 1pc - can be mined on game server in the future RAM 2pc - it will be possible to get on the game server in the future Videocard 1-4pcs - receiving method is classified All resources can be mined in limited quantities

How does WAX mining work?

After the official release of the mechanics, the ability to assemble a mining farm will be added to the interface of the site. WAX for mining will be allocated from AtomicHub collection fee of 1 - 4% and will be distributed evenly between all miners in proportion to their available power.

4) Referral system

Bringing referrals to the project via your link (the link is available in the Personal Area after registration) you will receive % of NFT token transactions at AtomicHub. All information about your referrals is available in your personal cabinet. You can find out about their transactions and how much profit they brought you in total and individually.

The default setting is 1%. But you can become our partners and increase the %. The conditions of becoming our partners are discussed individually.

In the future we plan to make as possible to get 1%-15% of the amount of purchases your referrals during sales. Withdrawal of money will be carried out automatically as soon as the amount of your income exceeds WAX.